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2014-2015 Bus Routes

Ninth District Road will be open for one way traffic on 8/28/14, to coincide with the first day of school
Ninth District Road will be one way southbound only from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday.
· The Road will be totally closed nights and weekends.
· All exiting traffic from Vision Boulevard will go south on Ninth District Road
There will be additional police supervision to help control the flow of traffic. The road project should be completed by the end of September
· The gate behind Somers High School will be locked

Somers Public School District

Thank you for visiting our district's web page. We feel that we have a uniquely different school district, and we are extremely proud of the many accomplishments that we have achieved over the past several years.

About the Campus

Our school district comprises three educational facilities located on a 115-acre campus. Our campus is also home to the town's public library and borders the town's main recreational area. We have recognized this unique setting as the Somers Educational Complex, and it is appropriately located on "Vision Boulevard" (which runs off of Ninth District Road).   Somers has been recognized as a model in both its design and technology infrastructure.

Approximately 1,592 students are enrolled in the district. The campus setting has afforded us the opportunity to be together sharing and enjoying each other's resources as we learn together. Each building is connected via cable for data, voice, and video exchange for internal communications, as well as access to the world by the Connecticut Education Network.

More Information

For those of you who are not familiar with our district or community, I would invite you to visit the town's web page ( If you do, you will learn about a very picturesque New England community that has great pride in its past and tremendous hope for its future.

Please visit our web sites where you will find further information as to the excellence of the Somers Public Schools. Our students, staff, and community welcome you. We have much to share.