Somers Public Schools
On January 8, 2018, the Superintendent submitted a budget of $23,224,011 which is a 2.95% increase from the current year budget. This budget addresses contractual obligations, nondiscretionary expenses needed to operate a school system, and instructional needs of the schools to support student learning. The links on this page will provide you with greater detail, important dates, and impacts associated with this proposed budget. The table below summarizes the budget.

Category Budget
Salaries $14,866,529
Insurance & Benefits $3,910,325
Transportation $1,061,480
Tuition $1,037,800
Utilities $626,600
Maintenance $525,400
Equipment $370,510
Instructional Resources $319,460
Extracurricular $298,887
Administrative Overhead $207,020
Total $23,224,011