Somers Public Schools
Factors that Impact the Budget

First Grade Teacher

The current kindergarten class is approaching 100 students. Only five teachers are assigned creating large class sizes that are not conducive for cognitive development at this age. This has created hardships on the students, educators and other support staff. As these students move up a grade level, it is essential that we responsibly meet their learning needs through strong instructional practice that smaller class sizes afford. This position will be funded through the elimination of the Gifted and Talented Program (G&T).
Budget Impact: $50,000
G&T Program Offset: -$42,800
Net Budget Impact: $7,200
Paraeducators (2)

These two positions support students who require complex programming as mandated by their Individualized Education Plans (IEP). A reorganization of current staff responsibilities will eliminate contracted support services currently being paid through the operational budget.
Budget Impact: $47,600
Contracted Svcs Offset: -$53,000
Net Budget Impact: -$5,400
Behavioral Specialist

We continue to see a rise in needs for special education services. The Behavioral Specialist would provide needed servicing for students that could prevent potential out sourcing expenses. These services would include development of student specific functional behavioral analysis (FBA) and behavior intervention plan (BIP); train and coach teachers and paraeducators in shaping behavior, and provide programmatic support and development to our alternative programs. Nearly 30% of our students on IEPs have behavioral goals or receive direct support from a counselor, social worker or psychologist.   The disabilities of ADHD, Autism and Emotional Disturbance represent 40% of our population of students on IEPs. These disabilities are frequently characterized by maladaptive or disregulated behavior, impacting school performance and disrupting the learning environment.
Budget Impact: $50,000
Grant Offset: -$50,000
Net Budget Impact: $0

The Tecton Facilities Report identified a variety of building maintenance and repair needs across the district. It is essential we provide well-maintained and safe facilities for students, staff and the community. We have benefited from the service of a highly qualified tradesman (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc.) This has reduced our need to contract out similar services. Transitioning to a fulltime position will continue to benefit the district in terms of skills and timeliness while also reducing our dependency on outside contractors.
Budget Impact: $51,400
Contracted Svcs Offset: -$5,000
Misc. Salary Offset: -$20,500
Net Budget Impact: $25,900

The change in salaries is predominately driven by contractual increases for our five bargaining groups. The teachers, nurses, administrators and custodian/maintenance groups have contracts in place for July 2018. The secretary/paraeducator group is negotiating a contract that will be effective July 2018.
Net Budget Impact: $468,988
Insurance and Benefits

The majority of the change in insurance and benefits is driven by a projected increase in health insurance premiums. OneDigital, our health insurance broker, is projecting a 10% increase. Along with premium changes, health insurance projections are impacted by changes in staff and benefit plan design changes that may occur during contract negotiations.
Net Budget Impact: $135,437

The increase in transportation expenses is a direct result of contract negotiations with First Student. Last June the Board approved a new five- year contract that took effect July 2017 and runs through June 2022.
Net Budget Impact: $51,800

Future Impacts
2019-20: 6.00%
2020-21: 4.75%
2021-22: 4.75%
Technology Equipment

Board of Education goal two commits Somers to “integrate technology throughout the district and expand the use of technology in the classroom to sustain a 21 st century learning environment.” The current technology plan addresses the needs to replace old and antiquated equipment to help teachers meet this goal.
Net Budget Impact: $92,000
Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB)

Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) is benefits that employers provide to their retirees, other than pension benefits. They are usually composed of retiree health care benefits, prescription drug coverage, dental and vision, but may also include life insurance, disability, long-term care and other services. The Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) requires that municipalities fund OPEB liabilities. Over the next five years the BOE will have to increase OPEB contributions to make up for years of no funding.
Net Budget Impact: $28,000

Future Impacts
2019-20: $56,000
2020-21: $84,000
2021-22: $112,000
2022-23: $140,000