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Somers Public School District: Pupil Services

Vision Statement

The vision of the Somers Public Schools is to challenge our students and staff to pursue excellence, foster creative expression and to develop a concern for the quality of life for all. Our vision embraces a culture and environment that: promotes life long learning; develops self worth; supports uniqueness and diversity; values independence and interdependence; inspires community and parent involvement; and empowers individuals to make choices that lead to lives filled with dignity, respect, happiness and opportunity.

Click here to view a list of resources that address the needs of students experiencing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), shared by Dr. Isabelina Rodriguez, the Connecticut State Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education



Parent Resources:


High School Transition Resources:


Learn about the Autism Society

Learn about Council for Exceptional Children

Learn about the Federation for Children with Special Needs

Learn about the National Association of Parents with Children in Special Education

Click here to view the Transition Bill of Rights for Parents of Students Receiving Special Education Services


Click here to learn about Children's Sleep: New Guidelines


Click here to view the Connecticut Department of Education Transition Manual and Resource Directory


Click here to see Ideas for Helping Your Child Cope with Anxiety


Click here to learn about how Care 4 Kids helps low to moderate income families in Connecticut pay for child care costs.


Click here to view the CSDE IEP Manual and Forms revised in December 2015.


Click here to learn about CT Parent Advocacy Center services and support available.


Click here to view the Connecticut Mandated Reporter Training for School Employees.




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School Mornings Without the Stress

Getting kids ready for school on time and without drama is a daily struggle for many families. Here are some tips to make the mornings more manageable.

School Success Kit for Kids With ADHD

Ideas for helping kids with ADHD manage time, stay focused and handle homework.

School Success Kit for Kids With Auditory Processing Issues

Tools to maximize classroom learning and stay on top of expectations for kids who have trouble piecing together verbal information.

School Success Kit for Kids With Executive Functioning Issues

Tips to help kids get organized, keep track of things they're responsible for and make it out the door on time.

School Success Kit for Kids With Sensory Processing Issues

Advice for helping kids start the school year comfortable and able to focus on learning.

Tips for Helping Kids With Selective Mutism Go Back to School

If you have a child with SM, it's important to give her as much support as you can as she encounters a new teacher, in an unfamiliar classroom.




Pupil Services Office Hours: 

Monday – Friday

7:30am – 4:00pm


Phone:  (860) 749-2270


Dr. Denise Messina, Director of Pupil Services x 2055

Mrs. Holly Boutwell, Secretary to the Director of Pupil Services x 2052

Mrs. Mary Steidler, Pupil Services Secretary x 2051