Somers Public Schools
Somers Public Schools

Counseling and Support Services

The Student Support Team is a designated and specially trained team of school staff members. The team acts to identify students with academic or emotional issues that adversely affect school performance. This team of staff members acts on referrals from teachers, parents or the administration. You may call the guidance office if you feel your child may be in need of specific intervention.

Counseling and Support Staff
All support services can be reached by calling 860.749.2270 then the extension.

Service Contact Extension
Guidance Mrs. Jaime Bohan 2604
Library Media Center Ms. Diane Jennings 2241
Nurse Mrs. Cheryl Fry 2126
Psychologist Dr. Michael Wald 2118
Social Workers Miss Takaya Owens 2119
Student Support Team Mr. Rob Kapner 2606