Watch these videos to see examples of people who have made a difference in the lives of others.

9-11 Everyday Heroes

Amazing Dog

Welcome Home, Soldiers


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Student Podcasts

Sample Podcasts: These podcasts were created for fun, to learn how to use the GarageBand application.


Hero Podcasts:

Some people "stick their necks out" to help others.  They make a difference in the world.  Sometimes they take a stand--at great danger or cost to themselves, and against huge obstacles.  These people are heroes.

Students were asked to choose someone (or a group of people) who they considered to be a hero.  Their podcasts will tell you why.

Sample Podcasts:


Sample Podcasts:


Hero Podcasts:


Hero Podcasts


Teacher's sample Zach A. Rebecca A. Doctors Jessica A.
Cat sample --Mrs. Clark
Celine A. Amber A. Guide Dogs Madison A.
Phillip A. Policemen Darcy A. Stephen A. Jackie Robinson Maddison A.
Connor A. SWAT Team Jake A. Alec B. Army Katie A.
Jon A. SWAT Team Alec A. Anthony B. Air force Edward A.
Anne Frank Jeff A. Megan B. Jodi Rell Valerie B.
Army Chase B. Samantha B. Nurses Katelyn B.
Guide Dogs Zach B. Veronika B. Paul Newman Brady B.
Firefighters Alex B. Ethan B. Albert Einstein Ethan B.
US Army Lindsey B. Spencer B. US Army Josh B.
Police Rescue Units Zach B. Victoria B. Animal Rescuers Jesse B.
Army Melanie B. Ian B. Chesley Sullenberger Dylan B.
Rosa Parks Evelyn B. Jacob B. Ho Chi Minh Jason B.
Owen B. Martin Luther King Jr. James C. Stanley B. Army Trent B.
Ted B. Policemen Brad C. Nathan B. Firefighters Hunter B.
ASPCA Maria C. Alan B. The Blue Angels Janine B.
Navy Seals Sabrina C. Joe B. Marines Maria B.
Brittany B. Martin Luther King Jr. Mackenzie C. George B. Firefighters Alexia C.
Firefighters Hannah C. Courtney B. Animal Rescuers Danielle C.
Pat B. Firefighters Raven C. Tyler B. US Airforce Allie C.
      Kyleigh B. Kevin Whalen Josh C.
Wesley Autry Liza C. Corey B. Army Kevin C.
Iqbal Kate C. Ryan B. FBI Lindsey C.
Policemen Alex C. Tommy B. Army Becca C.
My Dad Tim C. Haley B. ASPCA Ben C.
Pat Tillman Aurelio D. Shawn B. Firefighters Hunter D.
Mike C. Pat Tillman Sara D. Tesia B. Animal Rescuers Sydney D.
Kaitlyn C. Police Sarah D. David C. Derek Jeter Anna D.
Zookeepers Ryan D. Isabel C. Pug Rescue of New England Alex D.
Rosa Parks Ajay D. James C. Barack Obama Sarah E.
Steve Irwin Alec D. Chris C. Jackie Robinson Patrick F.
Veterinarians Erin E. Tommy C. Bill Gates Scott G.
Humane Society Sheila E. Cooper C. US Army Tim G.
Troy Aikman Noah F. Anna C. Walt Disney Peter G.
Jane Goodall David F. Trent D. Policemen Sean G.
Bethany Hamilton Josh G. Morgan D. Policemen Dominic G.
Lance Armstrong Madison D. ASPCA Rachel G.
Ryan E. Iqbal Michael G. Sam E. Army Rachel G.
SWAT Team Kirsten G. Michael E. Paul Newman Michael G.
Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks Trey H. Sarah F. Barack Obama Ben G.
Jackie Robinson Meghan H. Josh F. Ms. Heffernan Brendan H.
Andre Agassi Nicole H. Emily F. Police dogs Brittany H.
Wesley Autry Josh H. Owen F. Army Doug H.
Bill Gates Brian H. Dinea F. My Aunt Lisa Madison J.
Anne Frank Rachel H. Kirsten G. Animal Rescuers Chase J.
      Jadzia G. Army Sarah K.
Faith, the 2-legged dog Jack H. Jonathan G. John F. Kennedy Amanda K.
Lance Armstrong Anita H. Ashley G. Oncologists Jacob K.
Lance Armstrong Mackenzie I. Jacob G. Policemen Dwight K.
Wesley Autry Tim I. Brandon G. Cyclops the Dog Lizzie K.
My Dad Kristen J. Nick G. Soldiers Nathan L.
Soldiers Alec K. Lexi G. Secret Service Jeff L.
Firefighters Paul K. Madeline G. ASPCA Tia L.
Megan G. Betsy Ross Zach K. Justin H. Abraham Lincoln Tori L.
Justin H. Army & Navy Morgan K. Tyler H. Army Stefan L.
Animal Rescuers Nicole K. James H. Paul Newman Devon L.
Police Cameron K. Rebecca H. ASPCA Dorian L.
Domininque H. Soldiers Jeff K. Caleigh H. Oprah Winfrey Nathan L.
Eddie H. Jackie Robinson Sharon L. Ashley H. Veterinarians Shane M.
Selena H. Rosa Parks Nick L. Ariel H. Wilma Rudolph Solitaire M.
Mike H. Iqbal Nick L. Jacob H. S.W.A.T. Cameron M.
Ryan H. Steve Irwin Michael L. Sammie H. Fidelco Caleb M.
Emily J. Martin Luther King Jr. Andre L. Danielle H. Animal Rescuers Lani M.
Aram K. Hrant Dink Katherine L. Tyler H. Marines Sarah M.
Linda K. Teachers Jessica L. Megan J. Pat Tillman Lauren M.
Matthew K. Abrahan Lincoln Damiena L. Nicole J. Princess Diana Noah M.
Christyn K. Uncle Ken Luke L. Kelsey K. Rosa Parks Joe M.
Matthew L. Seeing Eye Dogs Shawn M. Seth K. Animal Rescuers Laura M.
Kevin L. Neil Armstrong Brendan M. Holly K. MLK Jr. Marissa M.
Kathryn L. Uncle Steve Ray M. Evan L. MLK Jr. Alex M.
Micaela L. Animal Cops Kim M. CJ M. Jackie Robinson Megan M.
Amanda L. Wesley Autry Amanda M. Abbey M. Army Jessica N.
Krista L. Animal Rescuers Mark M. Thomas M. Barack Obama Christian P.
Lisa L. Laura Bush James M. Spencer M. MLK, Jr. Avery P.
Ryan L. Lance Armstrong Melissa M. Steven M. ASPCA Autumn P.
Breahnna M. Tiger Woods Nick M. Kyle M. Firefighters Alana P.
Corey M. Oprah Winfrey Alaina M. Garrett M. Jackie Robinson Brandon P.
Amanda M. Betsy Ross Delaney O. Jacob M. James Herriot Katarina P.
Billy M. Tom Dempsey Jaclyn O. Matt M. Patrice Bergeron Jacob P.
Kaelyn M. Soldiers Jason P. Matt M. Air Force Sam P.
Max M. Soldiers Nathan P. Faith M. Doctors Natalie R.
Anthony M. Ulysses S. Grant Allen P. Kevin M. Steve Irwin Dylan R.
Paul M. John F. Kennedy Adam P. Willie M. Sarah R.
Kelsey N. My Family Samantha P. Alicia M. Firefighters Jackson R.
Rebecca N. Animal Rescuers Brittany P. Matt M. U.S. Army Stephanie R.
Allie N. Doctors Will P. Noah M. U.S. Marines

Haley R.

Tiffany O. Rosa Parks Samantha P. Ben M. Martin Luther King Jr. Ava R.
Lawrence O. Benjamin Franklin Ben R. Kristen M. Animal Rescuers Alex R.
Brick P. Wesley Autry Jessica R. Gardner N. S.W.A.T. Isabella R.
John P. Jackie Robinson Leeza R. Kiersten N. Animal Rescuers Anthony R.
Jason P. Michael Jordan Stefan R. Jonathan N. S.W.A.T. Anne R.
Erin P. Wesley Autry Julia R. Anthony O. My Uncle Gianna S.
      Erin O. Barack Obama Claire S.
Stephanie P. My Mom Zana R. Kevin O. Gabrielle S.
Breanna P. My Dad Emily R. Bethany P. Clara Barton Michael S.
Kaitlyn P. Jason Thomas Erin R. Zach P. Army Elliot S.
Chelsea Q. Iqbal Michael R. Steven P. Pediatricians Annushka S.
Matt R. Rosa Parks Mia R. Emme P. Soldiers Ryan S.
Allie R. ASPCA Aaron S. Talia D. Animal Rescuers Rachel S.
Samantha R. My Grandpa Samantha S. John P. Babe Ruth Zamani S.
Helena R. Animal Rescuers Anthony S. Mckaylah P. Veterinarians Hannah S.
Amanda R. Soldiers Jose S. Brandon P. Marines Ted S.
      Emily P. Soldiers Collin S.
Dan R. Franklin Delano Roosevelt   Kelsy P. Ty Pennington Justin T.
James R. General Paton Ethan S. Sydney Q. Doctors Dominic T.

 Brian R.

Army Brooke S. CJ R. Barack Obama Kate T.
Mary Ellen R. Sojourner Truth Nick S. Luke R. S.W.A.T. Sarah T.
Jessie S. ASPCA James S. Madison R. U.S. Army Jonathan V.
      Frankie R. Policemen Natalia V.
Andrew S. My Grandma Soloej S. Jason R. Firefighters Amanda W.
Anna S. ASPCA Elizabeth S. Emily R. Firefighters Hannah W.
Roger S. Rosa Parks Brandon S. Stephen S. Policemen Anastasia W.
Rachel S. Golda Meir Amanda S. Marissa S. Princess Diana Mackenzie W.
Victoria Lynn S. ASPCA Zach S. Michael S. Ben Franklin Aaron Y.
      Michael S. U.S. Army
Lindsey S. Iqbal Sarah S. Cameron S. Chesley Sullenberger
Kristen S. ASPCA Nate S. Nathan S. Army
Hailee S. Martin Luther King Jr. Anna S. Alex S. Jim Henson
Melissa S. Martin Luther King Jr. Austin S. Michael S. Barack Obama
Molly S. The Dog RJ T. Dean S. Coast Guard
Liz S. Soldiers Tyler T. Jimmy S. D.E.A.
Emily T. Pedigree Dog Food Company   Stephanie S. Animal Rescuers
Matthew T. Pat Tillman Cassie T. Michael T. MLK, Jr.
Corey T. Martin Luther King Jr. Kyle T. Allie T. Wesley Autrey
Tori T. Soldiers Brandon T. Catherine T. Animal Rescuers
Jennifer T. Martha Washington Zach V. Nathan T. US Army
      Brandi T. Animal Rescuers
Jessica T. Anne Frank Austin W. Nick T. Curt Shilling
      Hannah T. Veterinarians
Destini T. Iqbal Tian W. Danielle U. Firefighters
Olivia T. US Army Chelsea W. Nick V. Marines
Andrew V. Abraham Lincoln Max W. Kesley W. Anne Frank
Kim W. Monty Roberts Jack Y. Ellen W. ASPCA
Brianna W. Martin Luther King Jr. Anthony Z. Eric W. Bob Wheeler
Johnette W. Oprah Rae-Lynn D. Jason W.
Kara W. Uncle John Riley M. Trevor W. Policemen
Ryan W. Jackie Chan Megan W. Dr. Seuss
Connor W. Iqbal Brandon W. Air Force
MacKenna W. Kristi Yamaguchi
Marcus W. Martin Luther King Jr.