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Welcome to the School Video Page!

Video programs are produced in the Somers school district on a regular basis -- some for playback on local access cable TV (Cox Cable channel 15), and some for more limited audiences within the schools.  The purpose of this web page is to make many of these video programs available for viewing at any time. 

At this point, there are 5 video series that are produced in the school district.  You'll find a link for each one in the left column.

  • Somers Elementary School Headlines

This 30-minute program series is produced once a month and features both motion video and still images of elementary school students engaged in school activities. The SES Headlines program currently airs on public access TV (COX Cable channel 15) on Monday nights at 7PM.

  • Somers Elementary School Week in Review

This program series is produced and aired on Fridays over the internal TV system at the elementary school. The program features students engaged in school activities.

  • INSIDE the Somers Schools

This 30-minute program series is produced once a month and features a range of topics from around the district.  INSIDE the Somers Schools airs on public access TV (COX Cable channel 15) directly after the SES Headlines program on Monday nights at 7:30PM.

  • Teacher Features

These occasional programs feature classroom activities from around the school district.

  • Spotlite Project

These occasional programs feature musical performances that are recorded and edited by students in the Video Producers Workshop.

  • Video Producers Workshop

These occasional programs are created and produced by students in the high school independent study Video Producers Workshop.

School policy regarding students appearing in videos

At the beginning of the school year, parents/guardians are requested to sign a form giving the school permission to photograph and video tape their son/daughter for use in school related projects. 

  • If explicit permission has not been granted, then that student may not appear in published pictures or video programs.
  • If permission is granted, students may be identified by first name only.
  • No student phone numbers, street addresses of email addresses may be published, and the names of other family members or friends may not be mentioned.
  • In situations where a student's full name is published, special permission has been obtained from parents/guardians.
  • All of the videos posted on the Somers School District web site are a product of school sponsored activates, and all have been reviewed for school-appropriate content.

Please note

Technical note: In order to view the videos on this site, you must have the FLASH PLAYER 10 plugin (add-on) installed.  If you see nothing but a black box when you try to playback a video, you need to install the latest FLASH PLAYER, which can be found at:

Disclaimer: The videos that appear on this site are actually hosted at and "embedded" here using special HTML code. The Somers Schools are not responsible for video that others may post at the web site.