Software Services - Data Privacy

COVID-19 Update

Following Governor Lamont's Executive Order 7I, allowing flexibility related to the Student Data Privacy Act, Commissioner Cardona has issued guidance to schools through his memo of March 24, 2020. Under that guidance and until further notice, districts may bypass the process of crafting individual contracts for new technology solutions that fall under the data privacy statute. Instead, they can use educational technology from companies that have provided digital assurances that they comply with Connecticut’s law by signing the Connecticut Student Data Privacy Pledge. See the following sections for resources to assist public schools and educational technology providers.

If the technology solution is listed in the portal below, it is open for use:

The Somers Public School District is committed to protecting privacy and developing technology that gives students the most powerful and safe educational experience. The District complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which has a goal of protecting a student's educational records. Although FERPA regulations apply only to students, Somers Public Schools is equally committed to protecting the privacy of all data.

For more details on FERPA, please visit the U.S. Department of Education's FERPA webpage.

Somers Board of Education policies with regards to privacy can be found:
DBS Code: 3520.12 Data-Based Information Management System - Confidentiality Policy
DBS Code: 3520.13 Data-Based Information and Management System - Student Data Protection and Privacy/Cloud-based Issues

One of the District's goals is to integrate technology throughout the district and expand the use of technology in the classroom to sustain a 21st century learning environment. In order to reach this goal, the following systems may be used by the district. Please contact the student's classroom teacher if you would like more detail about which services are being used. 

Grade Usage Content Area Purpose
District Usage
Discovery Education Inc. K-12 Various Digital Textbooks - Science MBA, Digital Media Resources
iXL Learning   Document K-12 Math and ELA, Science (3-8) Diagnostic Analysis of skills and assignment of practice modules
Google K-12 Various Various
YouTube K-12 Various Supplemental video resources
NewsELA   Document 2-12 Various Leveled reading articles
PowerSchool   Document PK-12 Various Student Information System
InfoSnap   Document PK-12 Various Online Student Registration
Follett-Destiny   Document PK-12 Various Library System
NWEA - MAP Testing PK-12 Various Student Assessment Tests
McGraw-Hill   Document K-12 Various Online Textbooks
Khan Academy K-12 Various Online Learning
Nearpod K-12 Various Interactive Lessons
Pearson Realize   Document K-12 Math Online Math Book
Rubicon Atlas
K-12 Various Curriculum Management System
Charms - Dorian   Document K-12 Music Music Education Administrative Software
Auralia   Document K-12 Music Ear training software
EdPuzzle   Document K-12 Various Customizable videos for instruction
Edmentum   Document K-12 Various Online Learning Platform
Everfi   Document K-12 Various Online Assessments
Panorama   Document K-12 Various Feedback Surveys
 High School Usage
Brain HQ 9-12 Intervention Executive Functioning Growth
Grammerly 9-10 College Prep Aids in writing, specifically grammar connections
Kahoot! 7-12 Various Formative Assessments
MasterCam 9-12 Tech Ed Used in CAD classes to support manufacturing education
NoodleTools   Document 7-12 Various Research Organizer
Odysseyware 9-12 Various Credit Recovery
Quizlet 7-12 Various Formative Assessments 7-12 Music Articles, references, Interactive exercises. 
TurnItIn 9-12 Library Media Writing, prevents plagarism
Vernier Graphical Analysis 11-12 Physics / Integrated Science Used to connect laptops and LabQuests and for graphing PhET. Used for online simulations and labs. 
Naviance 9-12 Various College and Career Readiness
Holt McDougal Online 6-12 Various Textbooks
Storyline 360   Document 9-12 Various  e-Learning Solution
Pear Deck   Document 9-12 Various Google Add-on Tools
OverDrive   Document 9-12 Library Media eBooks, Audio Books, Videos from the Media Center
TopYa   Document 9-12 Health, Phys Ed Online motivational tools
 Middle School and Elementary Usage
Raz Kids (Learning A-Z), Reading A-Z, Vocabulary K-8 Reading, Vocabulary Guided and Independent practice
Showbie   Document K-8 Various Creates assignments and stores grades for teachers
 Middle School Usage
Aleks 6-8 Math Intervention Skills attainment, progress monitoring
MobyMax   Document 6-8 Various Adaptive online learning
Modlink 6-8 Tech Ed Programming robotics 6-8 Music Practice music skills
Scratch 6-8 Tech Ed Creates online projects using block-like interface
Screencastify 7 Lang. Arts Screen recorder for videos, presentations
Tinkercad 6-8 Tech Ed 3-D CAD design tool
WeVideo 7 Lang. Arts Online video editing
Wonderopolis 7 Lang. Arts Writing
 Elementary School Usage
BrainPOP   Document K-5 Various Animated movies with quizzes and related materials
Doodlebuddy 1 Art Used to help with visualizing
Flocabulary 4 Various Turns content vocabulary into rap; provides assessments and independent practice
Kids Blog   Document 3-5 Various Controlled blogging by teacher for student writing
Mystery Science K-5 Science Lessons to supplement science curriculum
SeeSaw 1 All subject areas Used to communicate student work with parents
Starfall   Document K-5 Math and ELA Uses games and stories to reinforce ELA and Math skills
Super Teachers Worksheets K-5 Various Teacher resources for additional lessons in various subjects
Vocabulary Spelling City K-5 ELA Vocabulary instruction
Kami 5 All subjects Digital pen and paper resource allowing student to edit and revise documents
Additional District Services
Frontline RTI   
All Various Response to Intervention Management
IEPDirect    All Various Individualized Educational Plans
First Student Bussing   Document All Bussing Student bussing service
CompuClaim All Various Healthcare Utility
CT Interscholastic Athletic Association (CIAC) Document All  Athletics  Athletic Association