1:1 Device Program

Somers Public School District - 1:1 Student Device Program

At the start of the school year, Somers Public Schools will distribute iPads to all students from grades K to 3 and ChromeBooks for students in grades 4 to 12. This distribution follows many extremely successful years of introducing technology to the classroom where both teachers and parents reported amazing success stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the students receive the devices?
Teachers will distribute the devices to students within the first few weeks of school.

My student has their own device. Can they bring it to school?
No. Students are to use the device that is provided by the school. This ensures only educationally appropriate apps are installed on the device. 

What does the student need to receive a device?
In the Middle School and High School, students must submit a signed Student Pledge and Acceptance form. This is included as part of the start-of-year electronic documentation. The student must also possess an adequate device case.

In the Elementary School, the needed form will depend on if the student will bring the device home. Students who will bring home their device will need to sign the Acceptance form. Students who do not bring their device home will need to submit the Elementary School Pledge. This pledge is for the younger student.

All of these forms are available during the online returning student registration process.

What kind of case is needed?
The student should check with their teacher to find out what type of device they will be receiving. The case should be tough enough to protect the device during the student's daily travels. Hard plastic shells and a cover for the screen is highly recommended. By signing the Acceptance form, the student/family assumes all responsibility for returning the device in the same condition it was received.

What happens if the assigned device breaks, gets lost, is stolen, etc?
The student/family is solely responsible for returning the device in the same condition it was received. The cost of replacing an iPad is $399. The cost of replacing a SHS ChromeBook is $200. The cost of replacing a MBA or SES Chromebook is $300. It is highly recommended that insurance is purchased to help protect the student/family.

We would like to purchase insurance, what should we do?
Parents can purchase insurance for the devices directly from Somers Public Schools.
Information about the program can be found on the Somers Device Insurance Webpage

My device needs to be repaired. Is there anything I should know?
All repairs will be coordinated through the school. If no insurance was purchased, the device will be returned to the school along with a payment to pay for the repair. Repair charges for iPads are $150. Repair charges for ChromeBooks are $75. All checks should be made out to Somers Public Schools.

How can I print from my school issued Chromebook?
Printing from a Chromebook can be difficult and depends on the kind of printer you have.
Most newer printers have the Google Cloud Print feature already built into the printer. You can check to see if your printer is Cloud Ready and view instructions on how to setup the printer by visiting Google's Cloud-ready Printers webpage.
If the printer is from HP, we have approved an app on all Chromebooks that can be installed called "HP Print for Chrome" that can be found in the Chrome App Store. The app is designed to find all HP printers on a network and add them to the Chromebook.
If the printer is old, you will need to add the non cloud-ready printer to Google Cloud Print. Instructions to set that can be found this Google Cloud Print help site.

Why has Somers implemented this device program?
Somers Public Schools is dedicated to continually using technology to improve each student's experience. The district recognizes that 1-to-1 device-to-student programs are going to be a necessity as we prepare students for a future where technology will be involved in every aspect of their lives. In addition, the State Department of Education is mandating that all state mandated testing (CMT and CAPT) will be done on a computer or device. The world is becoming more and more digitized and Somers Public Schools will make every effort to ensure that students are prepared to use new technologies.

Please contact the school's main office with any questions.