Somers Device Insurance Webpage

Somers Device Insurance Program

COST FOR THE 2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR - $30

Insurance is not required. However, it is highly recommended for all students in the district.

- Insurance should be purchased during the Returning Student Information Update process
- If the purchase cannot be made online, insurance can be purchased via check (made out to Somers Public Schools) or exact cash in the following locations:
--- SHS Media Center
--- MBA Media Center
--- SES Homeroom Teacher

What's Covered ($0 deductible per incident)
- accidental damage
- unavoidable theft (police report must be submitted within 72 hours of the theft)
- fire
- flood/water
- natural disasters
- manufacturer defects
- powersurge due to lightning

What's Not Covered
- Lost devices are not covered by this policy
- Excessive scratches/wear to device exterior caused by failure to use a protective case
- Intentional marking, defacing, and/or abusing the device
- Damage caused by tampering with hardware components or operating system (ie jailbreaking) to alter district configurations

What happens if the assigned equipment breaks, gets lost, is stolen, etc?
The student/family is solely responsible for returning the device in the same condition it was received. The cost of replacing an iPad is $399. The cost of replacing a SHS ChromeBook is $200. The cost of replacing a MBA or SES Chromebook is $300. Damaged or lost chargers are $20. Damaged or lost cases are $35. It is highly recommended that insurance is purchased to help protect the student/family.

My device needs to be repaired. Is there anything I should know?
All repairs will be coordinated through the school. If no insurance was purchased, the device will be returned to the school along with a payment to pay for the repair. Repair charges for iPads are $150. Repair charges for ChromeBooks are $75. All checks should be made out to Somers Public Schools.

The policy will become void for the term if:
- more than two claims are made during the policy term
- Device is/was not protected by a protective case.
- The Technology Department and/or school administration makes a determination that damage to device was caused by abuse or neglect.

- Two claims per year (if policy is renewed annually) before policy is voided.
- Students must go to the school media center to submit a claim
- Stolen devices must have a police report submitted with the claim. A police report must be filed within 72 hours of the theft.

- Loaners are available for those that purchase the insurance. Loaners will not be given out to students until the premium has been paid or other arrangements for payment have been made with school officials. There are a limited number of loaners available on a first come first serve basis.
- There will be an open enrollment period for parents to purchase (ending 9/15). If parents wish to purchase insurance after the open enrollment period, they must show proof that the device is not damaged and in working condition. Payment is by check only after the open enrollment period and after the device is inspected.
- District insurance is only available for school issued devices.

Please contact the district's technology department ([email protected]) with any questions.