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For important information, updates and changes in our schedules via e-mail and text alerts, our team uses Remind and also the Remind app. The school office may also contact you through the PowerSchool Messenger e-mail alerts.

Directions and how to register with Remind, click here.

Supplementary Information:

Proper Running Form (distance running)

Breathing Tips For Runners

Video: Building Your Base - The Importance of Easy Running

Video: The Secrets to Base Training for Runners

From Zero to Varsity: A Beginner’s Guide to Training for Cross Country

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Summer Running Camps

Green Mountain Running Camp  (Ages 14 - 18)
(2021) July 25 - 30 or Aug. 1 - 7, located at The Kimball Union Academy, Meriden, NH 

Five Star Cross Country Running Camp (Ages 12 - 18)
(2021) Aug. 8 - 13, located Rock Hill, NY in the southern Catskills, Campus of Iroquois Springs

The Running Academy XC Camp  (Runners Entering 8th - 12th Grade)

(2021) Aug. 16 - 21, located at Camp Wah Nee, Torrington, CT

Try running in some local races!

Running in the USA, Website of all CT Summer Races


Student Eligibility Requirements for Participation:

To be eligible to participate a current Doctor’s Physical Examination form or Health Assessment Record MUST be on file with the MBA SCHOOL NURSE 24 hours before the first practice. To be considered current, doctor's physicals are valid for a 13 month period to date. Without the sports physical, athletes are NOT permitted to attend practices. If the physical will expire during the season, an athlete may not participate until the school nurse receives a new sports physical. Also a completed Somers Public School ATHLETIC PERMISSION FORM must be on file with the nurse & coach.

Your physician can fax forms directly to the school. MBA school Fax# is: 860-763-2073

Training and race runs will be both on and off the MBA campus and will include the grounds of Somers HS and the Field Road Park. It is critical that all athletes understand the off-site runs are a privilege that requires students exhibit trust-worthy behavior both during and after school. Coaches will use their discretion regarding this privilege.