Cafeteria POS System

Somers Public School District - Electronic Cafeteria Point-of-Sale (POS) System

Frequently Asked Questions

How are students effected by the  POS?
ALL students MUST scan their ID card or enter their PIN number on the PIN pad. The student will always use their PIN when buying their food (even if they are paying with cash).

Can I still send cash or a check with my child?
Yes! Cash and checks will still be accepted at checkout. However, using the online portal to deposit funds into your child's account highly encouraged. Checks should be made out to "Somers Public Schools"

How do I deposit funds into my child's account?

Visit and follow the instructions on the screen

How do I use the on-line portal and what features does the online portal have?
Any questions about the portal can be answered by going to:

Why is there an additional charge when I deposit funds on-line?
There is a transaction charge determined by MyPaymentsPlus and it a percentage of your payment. Somers Public Schools has no control over this amount and none of the money for that charge goes to the schools. If you do not want to pay the charge, please feel free to send a check or cash into school with your child.

Do I have to sign-up for an on-line account?
No. Parents are encouraged to create the account so they can view current balance information and see what food their child is purchasing. Signing up on-line is not a requirement.

My child has food allergies. Is there something I can do to notify the staff?
If you are concerned about a serious food allergy that your child has, please contact your building's principal. Your child's record can be setup so an allergy notification appears on the cashier's register when your child purchases their food. If you have children in multiple schools, please contact each building individually. 

How can I be sure that my child's PIN is only used by my child?

Once the student enters (or scans) their PIN, their name and picture appear on the cashier's screen. The cashier will be able to confirm that the student using that PIN is who they should be.