SchoolMessenger Communications

Somers Public Schools is committed to efficient and responsible communications with parents and the community. We will be utilizing SchoolMessenger to help us meet our communication goals. SchoolMessenger is a robust system that is designed to use phone, email, text messages, social media, and mobile apps. It will allow us to provide timely communication to parents and staff members on matters such as snow days, early dismissals, and school or district emergencies. General notifications will also be sent regarding school activities, student attendance, and lunch balances. The district will use the contact information on file to send messages to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign-up for SchoolMessenger?
No, signing up is NOT required. The district will use the contact information on file to send messages. The portal allows you to change how you're contacted when a SchoolMessenger message is sent.

How do I sign into the SchoolMessenger portal?
Signing up is easy. Visit
- Click the LOG IN Button on the top of the page, or Download the SchoolMessenger App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Market.
- Enter the email address you provided to the district and create a password.
- After authenticating via your email, SchoolMessenger will walk you through some initial setup questions.
- It's that easy!

What's in SchoolMessenger?
Once you've created your account, we'll automatically link the records associated with your student(s). You can then:
- View the records associated with your account - student, staff, parent records.
- Review the last 30 days worth of messages for all your associated records.
- View your contact information and configure how you would like to receive notifications.

How can I update my contact information?
If you need to update your phone numbers or e-mail address, you must contact the school's main office. You cannot change this information using the SchoolMessenger portal.

Is SchoolMessenger secure?
The sign-up process creates a secure link between the user and SchoolMessenger. SchoolMessenger operates with the latest encryption technology to protect access to stored information. SchoolMessenger is also a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge, which requires us to adhere to 12 stringent data protection standards as a further assurance of our commitment to protecting your data.

How do I get text messages?
In order to receive text messages, you must opt-in and allow messages to be sent to you. SchoolMessenger will send an initial text that you need to reply 'Y' to. The initial text message will look like:
"Somers Public School messages. Reply Y to confirm, HELP 4 info. Msg rates may apply. Msg freq varies."
If you did not receive an initial opt-in text or you initially chose not to receive texts but have changed your mind, you simply need to send a text message to 67587 with a message of Y.
You should also contact the school's main office to ensure your records are properly in our system. If you opt-in but your records are not correct, you will not receive the text messages.

I do not have a child enrolled in Somers Public Schools but would like to get notifications on school closings. What should I do?
The SchoolMessenger system is not built for those outside the district. If you would like to know when the school is closed, you can visit our website (, follow us on Twitter (@SomersSchools), listen to radio stations WRCH (100.5FM) and WTIC (96.5FM, 1080AM), and/or watch channels WFSB(3), WTNH(8), WWLP(22), WVIT(30), and WGGB(40). You can also sign up for text alerts from these stations.

I am getting Somers text messages but I do not wish to receive them anymore. How do I opt-out?
To opt out of all text messages from SchoolMessenger, visit or reply with "STOP" to the opt-in message that you receive. If you opt-in, but later decide to opt-out, simply send "STOP" to 67587. You may also reply "STOP" to any message from our organization.

What method of communication (e-mail, text, phone call) will the district use?
Primarily, the district will only send out texts and e-mails. The district only plans to include phone calls for emergencies and early school closings.

What are the initial setup questions?

This first screen sets up the name and role of the account that is being setup.


This screen allows you to choose which numbers you would like SchoolMessenger to call when a voice message is sent by the district.


The final screen is a confirmation screen that displays your information and options you selected.


What does the portal look like once I'm logged in?

The main portal screen will allow you to choose your contact numbers and select the types of messages you would like to receive. By default, only messages categorized as "Emergency" will be sent to all numbers and email addresses.


I have additional questions, what should I do?
If you would like more information about SchoolMessenger, you can visit their support site at You can also contact [email protected] for support from the Somers IT Staff.